Employment Services:

• Recruiting
• Background Checks
• New hire offer letter and processing
• New hire employee packets
• Training
• Publish and maintain Administrative Manual and Policy Manual
• Research and develop policies including formal drug and alcohol testing,
sexual harassment, Family Medical Leave Act, and Affirmative Action
• Employee relations including disciplinary action, EEOC claims,
wage and hour claims, employee grievances, alternate dispute resolution,
harassment and claim investigation, workers compensation administration

Benefit Administration

• Benefits plan administration, including: 401k, medical, life, dental,
• Enrollment, changes, and termination
• Benefit books for new employees and updates as provided by provider
• Employee benefit and plan notification
• File management

Labor Reporting

• Labor utilization reports
• Retention reports
• Affirmative Action/EEOC
• Vet-100 report

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